For Many around the world, words like empowerment, inspiration,  purpose, potential, leadership, vision and kingdom has become synonymous with South African Based Apostolic preacher  Prince Wilson.

Known as the Founder and C.E.O of SUPER-INSPIRED MOMENTS. An Apostolic/prophetic preacher,  An author, Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Youth Mentor and life Inspiring coach,With a longtime passion for global empowerment and change, self development, and success, Prince Wilson from his childhood age to his young age has been outlining and expanding the calling and vision that God has given to him which has produced countless  of results and continuous harvest in our generation.

Born in Owerri City,Imo State, Nigeria – West Africa. Trained as a Computer Scientist and Leadership Strategist, and fulfilling divine purpose as an ICT specialist, inspirational speaker and destiny empowerment coach.

As a young preacher with the prophetic, healing and apostolic grace and gift, he has traveled around mostly parts of the world demonstrating the power of God in this age.  He has pioneered many organizations and ministries around Africa some of which include; Missions International, Go harvest, World Changers global youth Initiative, and a host of others. He has served in different capaPRINCE WILSON PHOTOScities in ministry from an evangelist to a Campus Fellowship Coordinator of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, FedPoly Oko Atani Campus, Anambra State, Nigeria, and  He has pastored  Numerous Churches and ministries in  West Africa and Southern Africa. He is currently the international Evangelism President of Christian Mandate Ministries World Wide.

Prince Wilson, is the Founder of a global youth ministry called “God’s Unique Youths” (THE GUYS), with the goal of reaching the lost youths in our societies with the message of love, hope and salvation. He has also Hosted numerous conferences in Africa which has brought together thousands of men and women from all walks of life with countless results and testimonies. seeing lives transformed is the passion of this world changer. He is currently working with  host organizations around Africa, Europe and America.

He started Super Inspired Moments with the goal of sharing God’s love and grace with millions around the world, inspiring people, empowering men and women with the wisdom and knowledge that is been inspired by the Holy Spirit, revealing the deep secrets and truth of the word of God in this end times, exposing men and women to their hidden treasures, promoting the Kingdom of God globally and establishing the righteousness of God.

SUPER-INSPIRED MOMENTS, is an online ministry and community created to share insightful and Revelational knowledge being inspired by the spirit of God to our hungry and ailing generation, which will equip, and empower many to stand, confront Life and it’s challenges, and also to equip and empower believers in order for them to be transformed by God’s supernatural power for lasting change; that they may operate in dimensions of unprecedented power and dominion; that God’s word through me will inspire, motivate, challenge, heal, and encourage others to discover their God given purpose and so live life to their fullest; to fully embrace ALL humanity, especially the hurt, wounded and emotionally scarred. My passion is to build people into supers achievers, raise men and women who will create an indelible change in the world, and empower nations into desirable societies..



  • I am an apostolic preacher with great grace to pull down the vices of darkness and to promote the Light of Jesus in this world.
  • God commissioned me with a special anointing for unstoppable favor, grace and breakthrough to succeed in all my endeavors, both in life and ministry.
  • Writing is my passion, simply because it gives me the opportunity to articulate my deep innermost thoughts far better than I would verbalizing them.
  • I love to dream big and to strive for the things that only the God of the impossibilities can bring to fruition
  • I am committed, dedicated and determined to theme success.


“Transforming Minds, Empowering Destinies”

“You have God’s best and you should not settle for nothing less!” (2014-2015)

Where Else Can You Find Me?

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So, as you journey with me through this online ministry, stand ready to experience the transforming power of God to change and transform your life forever.

“It doesn’t matter what the matter is, what matters is that you shall MATTER when the TIME matters most.”